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Steak Frites | Steak and Fries | Meat and Taters

Steak Frites, or as us common folk call it, Steak and Fries, is the ultimate meat and tater dish. I believe it's called Steak Frites just because it sounds more sophisticated when you're trying to impress your lady friend. I went with a Flat Iron steak because I really enjoy the beefy flavor of the cut and cooked right can be super tender. Cooked wrong, which would be medium or above, not so tender. I chose to marinate mine over night in a chimichurri just to add a little more flavor and it was delicious. Cooked to an internal of 124° for the perfect doneness and awesome tenderness and texture. For the fries, it's hard to beat a homemade fry. I cooked them in two stages to guarantee that perfect crisp outside and fluffy middle. I may never buy another bag of fries again after eating these. Next time you're looking for a great date night meal, give this one a try. Simple and delicious. Just the way MOJO likes it.

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