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Rib Recipe That Won Memphis in May

Here I am giving you the rib recipe that won the title of World Champion Ribs at the 2019 Memphis in May BBQ Cookoff. Here at Tennessee MOJO BBQ, we like to keep our rib recipe simple and simple was what judges were looking for that day. So here you go. I hope you all use this competition rib recipe against me. It might just put you on stage and we'll shake hands while we're up there.

What you'll need:

3 1/2 lb rack of baby backs


Killer Hogs Hot rub

1/4 c of light brown sugar

2 tbsp of habanero honey

5 tbsp of Country Crock

Yes Dear Competition Sauce

Yes Dear Red Sauce

A bit of LUCK (and a praying wife)

Start off by firing up smoker to 300° with cherry wood for smoke. Trim ribs and remove membrane. Apply a layer of each rub to the back of ribs. Wait 15 minutes and repeat on meat side of ribs. Place on the smoker for 1 hour. After the 1st hour, spritz with water every 15 minutes. When bark is formed and color achieved, spritz one last time and let set for 15 minutes. You should be around the 2 hour mark. Wrap with brown sugar, MOJO BBQ rub, honey, and Country Crock. Then place the wrapped ribs back on the smoker until desired tenderness is achieved. Once you like the tenderness, rest ribs in a warm cooler for 30 miutes. Remove, sauce, and win! (Or just enjoy them with the family).

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