• Jay Durbin

How to Make Perfect Beef Wellington | MOJO Style

The MOJO Beef Wellington is not your traditional Wellington, it's more like a Cheeseburger Wellington or a fat boy's Hot Pocket. Call it what you like, but I'm calling it good. I'm all about trying something different and off the wall and this just happened to be what I came up with this week. The ingredients list is what I think makes up the perfect burger. Minus the onions, but I had to add onion to increase the healthiness factor (that is sarcasm) for the folks who want to live longer than me (also sarcasm). Being the first time trying out this concoction, I was surprisingly tickled to death with the results. It was a good one and worth adding to the list of recipes that I will try again. There is one small change I will make though. I would precook the bacon just a little before wrapping the beef. I like my beef a little less done. The final temp on the beef was 165° . That is good for most people, but a little over for me. But still, I would serve this one up to the toughest burger ctitic and be satisfied. Simple yet delicious. Thank you for stopping by and giving our channel a shot. Have a blessed week and we'll see you seven days from now.